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Welcome to the Hakem Lab website! 

The focus of our research is to characterize novel genetic risk factors, cell signaling and molecular oncology mechanisms that drive development and progression of human cancer. We also aim to identify novel strategies to improve cancer therapy.


Deregulation of cell signaling pathways not only impairs development and differentiation; it also frequently drives the development of human cancers. Therefore, our laboratory is investigating the role in cancer of different key signaling pathways including the DNA damage response, NOTCH, WNT, and the HIPPO pathways.


Cancer genetics and biochemistry are fundamental to our research. Mouse models, murine and human tumor lines that we have generated, and biopsies from cancer patients are being employed to conduct our studies. Using a multidisciplinary approach that involves scientists, clinicians, pathologists and bioinformatics experts we work towards our long-term goal of contributing to better diagnosis and therapy for cancer patients.

From top left: Arash Algouneh, Joshua Miller, Kiran Kumar Guturi, Razq Hakem, Miguel Pujana, Anne Hakem, Kara Yang, Mariah Lapierre, Parasvi Patel

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